Privately owned. Personally managed.

HFC Advisory Group is a Tokyo-headquartered investment, consulting and research firm primarily focused on alternative investments and natural resources. HFC is a true boutique: privately owned, personally managed. HFC invests the firm’s proprietary capital in alternative investments. We also assist asset managers, investors and others with research and business development services. We choose to work only with a select group of partners. We work with them closely and for the long term. The firm traces its roots back to 2005 when we organised our first networking event in Tokyo. In 2011 the firm expanded into research, investments and consulting. The firm was founded by Stefan Nilsson and is owned by its management.


SStefan Nilsson

CCEO, Founder and Board Member

CStefan Nilsson, a Tokyo-based investor and entrepreneur, is a former hedge fund executive who has also worked in asset Smanagement and prime brokerage at investment banks JP Morgan and Bear Stearns in Tokyo. His main expertise lies in Salternative investments and natural resources. He is a director of Terrasias Capital, a single family office and founder of the SHedge Funds Club, Asia’s largest network of hedge fund managers and investors. He currently serves as Chairman – SJapan and member of the global board of trustees of SNS – Centre for Business and Policy Studies. Additionally, he is a Sboard director of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and the Japan-Sweden Society as well as Vice SChairman of Ljusdals Bandyklubb. MBA from Leicester University.


H.S.H. Prince Andreas von und zu Liechtenstein

Senior Adviser and Board Member

H.S.H. Prince Andreas von und zu Liechtenstein is based in Europe and has been active in the global finance industry in the UK, France, Sweden, Japan and South Africa since 1998. Prince Andreas founded SELLBA iNVEST and has also worked with firms such as FactSet, Carson Europe and Citigate Financial Intelligence. He is currently President of the Scandinavian Association of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (SMOM). MBA from Schiller International University.


Ikuko Yamanaka

Director and Board Member

Ikuko Yamanaka has had a long and distinguished career in investment banking in London, Singapore and Tokyo. She has spent the bulk of her career with ABN AMRO/Royal Bank of Scotland but has also worked at Kokusai Securities and Daiwa Securities. In addition to her role at HFC, she currently serves as CEO and CIO of Terrasias Capital, a single family office in Japan. MBA from Leicester University.


Joakim Nilsson

London Representative, Vice President – Europe

London-based Joakim Nilsson has worked with the global investments industry in a variety of sales, marketing and business development positions since 2003. His career has included stints at Dow Jones, Financial News, Insolvency Today, Hedge Funds World and Clear Path Analysis. He is the European vice president of the Hedge Funds Club and manages the Hedge Funds Asia Networking Club on LinkedIn.



Social responsibility and community involvement

HFC Advisory Group is committed to being a socially responsible partner in the local communities where we operate. We aim to contribute to a positive future and lead by example.

HFC Advisory Group is a proud sponsor of Ljusdals Bandyklubb ( in Sweden since 2012. Together with Ljusdals Bandyklubb, a non-profit elite sports club in central Sweden formed in 1943, HFC is active in the local community in many ways, including encouraging youth to take up sports and integrating recent immigrants into the local community. In addition to sponsoring the club, HFC’s Stefan Nilsson also serves as one of the club’s board members.

We have a long-standing commitment to take initiative by investing and positively contributing to Okinawa’s future through our subsidiary Terrasias Capital.

For more information about HFC’s sustainability programme, please contact us.